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Service Outline

We provide consulting services to Japanese companies that want to expand into Africa and local startups in Africa. Our goal is to foster a community between the two countries in the future and serve as a bridge.



Business Development Assistance

We offer comprehensive support, from meticulous country and regional selection to strategic formulation for market entry. We also conduct on-site surveys, providing assistance for securing business funding (including support from JICA Private Sector Cooperation Schemes), establishing legal entities, and aiding in recruitment. Additionally, we provide execution and management support for local projects.



We offer comprehensive information on the legal frameworks, permits, and market environment surveys in different African countries. Our services extend to identifying potential local partners and analyzing consumer trends for businesses seeking to establish a presence in the region. Moreover, we provide expert support in conducting investigations leveraging financial assistance through grants and subsidies from esteemed organizations such as JICA and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.




Acceleration・VC Support

We establish strategic partnerships with local accelerators to deliver highly effective mentoring and acceleration programs tailored for startups. Furthermore, we specifically extend our support to venture capital funds and institutional investors, assisting them with comprehensive environmental surveys and due diligence processes, targeting tech-based startups in burgeoning sectors like Web3 and FinTech. 


Market environment research

Conducting surveys aimed at improving business models for farmers in Kenya

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