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About Us



By establishing strong ties between Japan and African countries, we will engage in joint ventures to develop businesses with social impact and significantly contribute to Africa's sustainable economic growth.


・We establish a base where "companies" and "individuals" who take on the challenge of social issue-solving businesses can gather and collaborate.
​・As a partner, we actively participate in on-the-ground initiatives in Africa and work together to build innovative business ventures.
・We work with local communities to create socially and economically impactful solutions that drive positive local change and foster sustainable growth.

CEO Message

Axcel Africa K.K. was established on May 25, 2022. May 25th is known as Africa Day, commemorating the founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) on May 25th, 1963.

Our current main business is consulting for expansion into Africa. I have been working at a development consulting company since 2013, and have been supporting private companies expanding into Africa for six years, so I continue to provide this service.

Working in Africa made me realize that there are many issues of inequality and basic social issues. Recently, positive aspects such as rapid economic development and the rise of startups have also been attracting attention.


Meanwhile, I have always been thinking about how Japan's technology and people can contribute to Africa's economic development. Living outside of Japan, I feel strongly that Japan is losing its global presence.


In Kenya, where I am based, there is still a certain degree of trust in Japan's technological prowess thanks to automobiles made by companies such as Toyota and Nissan. However, when it comes to other Japanese companies, I think JICA is the only one that anyone knows about.

On the other hand, other countries, especially China, are increasing their presence in Africa year by year. In 2022, an expressway will be built connecting the airport to the city center, making local life even more convenient.

Of course, it is good for the locals when other countries invest in Africa and the country develops. However, since I am Japanese, I am always thinking about how I can connect Japan and Africa and contribute to local development.

By establishing strong ties between Japan and African countries, AXCEL AFRICA aims to engage in joint ventures to develop businesses with social impact and contribute to sustainable economic growth in Africa. In the future, I would like to create a model that connects Japan and Africa and allows them to co-create businesses that contribute to social issues.


​Hiroshi Yokoyama


Our Team

Company Profile


Founded:  May, 2022

Representative: Hiroshi Yokoyama

Nominal share capital:  ¥1,000,000


Axcel Africa Consulting Ltd.


Business Overview:

1. Business Consulting

- Advisory on Market Entry in Africa

- Various Research Services, Information Provision, Reporting

- Company Registration, Talent Acquisition

2. Acceleration

- Investment Advisory

- Acceleration Programs 

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