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Axcel Africa Orchestrates a Winning Business Idea Marathon to Combat Gender-Based Violence

A groundbreaking event recently took place, tackling the critical issue of gender-based violence (GBV). JICA, a Japanese international cooperation agency, in collaboration with Axcel Africa, a leading local consultancy firm, hosted the first-of-its-kind "Business Idea Marathon" at Daystar University, dedicated to developing solutions to eliminate GBV.

The marathon kicked off with a powerful opening session. Mr. Kenji Hayashi, a senior representative from JICA, passionately stressed the importance of eradicating GBV. He underscored JICA's unwavering commitment to working alongside partners like Daystar University and Axcel Africa to achieve this goal. An exciting announcement followed - a business idea contest where the most impactful solutions would be recognized!

Dr. Caroline Ayuya Makaka, the Director of E-Learning and Patron of the Innovation Hub at Daystar University, echoed Mr. Hayashi's sentiment. Her address resonated with the audience, emphasizing the crucial role of innovation in combating GBV. She enthusiastically framed the event as a unique opportunity to discover fresh approaches to this persistent challenge.

Axcel Africa played a pivotal role as the event's coordinator, shouldering a multitude of critical tasks that ensured the marathon's triumph. From the outset, Axcel Africa's meticulous planning laid the groundwork for a fruitful event. Working closely with the project team, they crafted a program that flowed seamlessly. This included securing an inspiring keynote speaker and panelists whose voices resonated with the audience.

Expanding the Reach and Impact

Axcel Africa understood the importance of a diverse and engaged participant pool. Their expertise shone through as they developed comprehensive lists of potential participants. Entrepreneurs working towards gender equality, local enterprises, private associations, development institutions, investors, foundations, universities – all were included, fostering a powerful collaborative spirit.

Amplifying the Message and Gathering Support

Recognizing the need to spread awareness and secure crucial funding, Axcel Africa actively collaborated with the PR team to create a comprehensive promotional strategy. This ensured the event garnered significant attention and attracted potential sponsors and partners.

Streamlining the Process and Gauging Success

Innovation and efficiency were hallmarks of Axcel Africa's approach. They created a user-friendly online registration system, compiled a well-organized participant list, and prepared insightful survey formats to capture valuable feedback from participants, sponsors, and partners. This feedback will be instrumental in shaping future initiatives.

Enriching the Participant Experience

Axcel Africa's commitment extended beyond flawlessly executing the planned program. Their vision led them to propose additional enriching elements. Engaging panel discussions with moderators, presentations on the Business Model Canvas, strategic group formation through idea pitches, and a thrilling judging and award ceremony – all these additions significantly enhanced the participant experience and fostered a spirit of creative problem-solving.

A Collaborative Triumph

The Business Idea Marathon's success is a testament to the dedication and expertise of Axcel Africa, alongside JICA and Daystar University's unwavering focus on the event's core mission: tackling GBV through innovative business solutions. The well-deserved recognition received by the winning teams, Sauti Salama, Klinik, and Kinga, is a powerful symbol of the positive change that can be achieved through collaboration and a commitment to building a safer future for all.

Our remarkable coordination not only ensured a smooth-running event, but more importantly, empowered a room full of passionate individuals to translate their ideas into action. The fight against GBV continues, and Axcel Africa, alongside its partners, has positioned itself as a key player in driving impactful change.

Brainstorming Business Solutions

The audience actively participated, raising thought-provoking questions about how these business ideas would cater to vulnerable groups and address specific health concerns. Day 1 transitioned into a session focused on crafting business models. Participants learned valuable strategies to develop and refine solutions with real-world impact. This was followed by a highlight of the day: exciting business idea pitches from participants.

Innovative ideas emerged, tackling various aspects of GBV. Solar-powered cooling milk addressed the challenge faced by small-scale dairy farmers, particularly women, who often lack access to reliable electricity. Organic fertilizer production and training for girls in slums were presented as solutions that empower women and promote financial independence. Safe hostel initiatives aimed to tackle safety concerns by providing secure and affordable housing options.

Day 2 shifted focus to creating business pitch decks specifically tailored to address GBV. Presentations offered guidance on crafting compelling pitches and identifying problems to develop effective solutions. Examples of problems related to GBV included early marriage, lack of education for girls, and lack of support for survivors. One proposed solution involved educating men and boys about gender-based violence through a mobile phone app.

The second session of Day 2 delved deeper, equipping participants with the skills to deliver impactful presentations that resonate with potential investors and stakeholders. This crucial step involved refining communication styles, crafting captivating narratives, and effectively addressing potential challenges.

Culminating Event and Recognition

The Business Idea Marathon at Daystar University culminated in a final round of pitches from the participating groups. Three outstanding business ideas were selected as the winners of the competition. Sauti Salama, Klinik, and Kinga secured the third, second, and first place positions respectively, taking home prize money to fuel their innovative solutions.

This event marked the beginning of a promising journey. The marathon served as a springboard for innovative solutions with the potential to empower survivors, foster gender equality, and build a safer future for all. We(Axcel Africa), alongside JICA and Daystar University, remain committed to supporting these ventures and tracking their progress. Stay tuned for further updates on how these ideas develop and the positive impact they create!

A Brighter Future for All

The Business Idea Marathon stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in tackling complex social issues like GBV. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, fostering creative problem-solving, and empowering passionate individuals, this event ignited a spark of hope for a brighter future. Axcel Africa, alongside its partners, is proud to have played a pivotal role in this transformative initiative. The fight against GBV continues, but with continued collaboration and innovation, we can move closer to a world where everyone feels safe and empowered.

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