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Climate tech startup Revolutionizing Renewable Energy In Kenyan Agriculture-HomeBiogas.

Over the weekend, the Axcel Africa team had the privilege of attending the recently concluded Nairobi International Trade Fair. This event serves as a vital platform for the exhibition and networking that drives development in agriculture, trade, and allied sectors.

At the fair, we connected with a diverse array of exhibitors and stakeholders, gaining insights into businesses that are revolutionizing their respective sectors in Kenya. One standout disruptor that captivated attendees was HomeBiogas in Kenya, an Israeli-based climate tech company dedicated to promoting renewable energy in rural areas of Kenya.

Sales Representative at HomeBiogas at the Nairobi International Trade Fair.

HomeBiogas provides an innovative solution that transforms organic waste into renewable energy, offering a significantly cheaper and more efficient cooking alternative for farmers in central Kenya. Farmers using LPG gas, Firewood Kerosene, or charcoal to cook, incur upward of 5000 shillings a month. Through HomeBiogas, farmers can now access a cost-effective and sustainable cooking solution by paying an initial deposit of 5000 shillings and a monthly fee of3300 shillings.

Since its establishment in 2017 here in Kenya, HomeBiogas has positively impacted over 1,500 farmers in central Kenya. The company is now planning to expand its services to other agricultural areas beyond the region. Headquartered in Kiambu Ting’ang’a, HomeBiogas has a strong presence in Murang'a, Nyeri, Embu, and Kiambu, targeting farmers with two or more cows or five pigs.

Farmers utilizing HomeBiogas benefit from an efficient system: two buckets of cow dung provide up to five hours of cooking and 100 liters of liquid biofertilizer for farmers.

The company offers flexible payment options to accommodate farmers' financial capacities. They can choose between 'Lipa Pole Pole,' a gradual payment plan, or a one-time payment for the system. The total cost of the system is 87,500 shillings.

HomeBiogas takes pride in its commitment to customer satisfaction. The product is accompanied by a two-year service warrant and a 10-year warranty. In the rare event that the product does not meet the customer's needs, a return policy is in place after four months, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

To further incentivize adoption, Homebiogas offers a 15% discount for customers who opt for the one-time payment option.

According to the Sales lead at HomeBiogas, the company sets itself apart from competitors like Sistema through its exceptional commitment to customer service. After a customer purchases the HomeBiogas system, the company provides a dedicated ten-year period of complimentary servicing and advice, demonstrating their unwavering support for their customers' success and satisfaction.

Additionally, HomeBiogas distinguishes itself through its unwavering commitment to quality assurance to customers.

With over 50 dedicated employees, HomeBiogas has firmly established itself as a leading force in renewable energy solutions. The firm's expansion plans include opening operations in Nyandarua and Nakuru in the near future.

In addition to the groundbreaking technology, HomeBiogas supports its customers by providing spinach seedlings, a valuable resource for sustainable farming practices. Furthermore, farmers utilizing HomeBiogas receive 100 liters of biofertilizer, contributing to improved agricultural yields and environmental sustainability.

HomeBiogas stands as a shining example of how technology and innovation can significantly impact the lives of farmers, making sustainable practices accessible and affordable. As the company continues to grow and innovate, its contributions to the agricultural landscape in Kenya are poised to be even more transformative in the years to come.

Written By,

Maina Lawrence

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